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The SCRS Group has been operational since 2005 and now consists of several brands, taking on both small and large projects, often in collaboration with our network of business partners and expert industry associates.

We are open to discuss partnership proposals in any area that we can support or add value. Contact us to discuss opportunities to work together.

We offer solutions in the following areas:
Online business solutions and applications
E-learning, Courseware & LMS platforms
Graphic Design and Digital Marketing
Online academies: end-to-end solutions, development, deploy, manage, maintain, host, customise

Products & Services

E-Learning: end-to-end solutions:  
We have considerable expertise in e-learning and online learning. We are able to develop and host your online learning platforms, provide consulting and training on anything e-learning, host your online platform and/or courses, repurpose your materials for online learning, provide training on all aspects of online learning & e-learning.

Courseware and training materials:  
We have a large collection of more than 400 excellent courses for contact training or online learning. We can provide full sets of ready-to-train courseware sets with your branding for contact training, or supplement your existing online course offerings from our course library. Our courseware is provided with instructor manuals, branded PowerPoints, exercises and assessments. Course material can be fully customised and branded for you.  

Need an online academy to run as a business?:  
We can set up an online academy for you, help with new (or your existing) branding, deploy any selection of courses for you, host, manage and maintain your platform. This will leave you free to sell and market your academy as a business. 

Online business solutions, applications and SAAS:  
 - Online learnership management system - LeTR™: 'Letter' is a unique custom platform developed specifically to track and manage all your learnership activities online, including attendance and assessment, assessor accreditation expiry, powerful automated reporting and e-portfolio building. We have also integrated this platform with Moodle to build e-portfolios in the format and structure required by SETAs. 

 - E-learning & online learning platforms: end-to-end services, platform development, hosting, management, maintenance, branding, custom reporting and customisation. Full setup, hosting, management and maintenance of online academies.

  - Online calendar scheduling: schedule and manage your team's appointments from your central office - with email notifications, reporting - customised and branded for your business.
 - HR/legal case tracker system - CaseTrack™: CaseTrack is a custom-built platform to record, schedule, track and report on your organisation's legal/HR cases, with individual calendars, reminders and powerful reporting, Customised and branded for your organisation. Can be customised to help you track and manage projects. 
 - Training Project Manager - TraPr™: 'Trapper' is the perfect platform to manage large-volume compliance training with multiple clients. Powerful management of large learner databases, multiple accredited compliance training events, internal/external facilitators & assessors, with very smart scheduling functionality. A single administrator is able to manage, track and report on recurring compliance training for several thousand learners nationally. Keep track of expiring certifications and easily organise and schedule new or refresher training. Incorporates the following databases: learners, employers (clients) incl. sites and branches, facilitators/assessors (plus certification expiry & renewal), project calendars, learner certification expiry & renewal.  Organise, schedule, track and report on large scale national training, with reminders and effective automated reporting. Customised and branded for your organisation.

 - Custom online testing and assessment: Affordable and quick, effective testing online to help determine which learning programmes are most suitable to enrol your employees. Custom tests are developed for specific learning units & courses - delivered and taken online by candidates.
 - Sales Tracker - SaLT™: Our custom-built platform eliminates the need for complicated or expensive CRM systems to quote, track and report on sales team activities and client orders. SaLT™ is a sales tracker CRM system is accurate and easy to use. It provides informative reports and allows your team to create and email quotes quickly and easily from anywhere. 

 Let us know what will make your life easier - we will develop a solution for you.


We welcome partnership proposals and opportunities to add value to businesses. Some of the opportunities that we generally keenly explore include:
Training and development:
 - Trainers, Course developers – we may be able to convert your existing course material into quality online learning to market and sell online. We are also able to provide customised printed course material for a large number of courses from our library to training companies.
 - Organisations:
We are able to convert your existing contact training material into e-learning and get it online for you, or develop and setup an e-learning platform exclusively for you to train your staff or sell your training to the public. We are also able to populate your platform with a selection of courses from our own library.

Some of our brands and partners

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